Wednesday, April 18, 2018

End of Time

The Vision

In 2013 I began an intense downloading of a radical vision of the end of Time, as we know it. I experienced a glimpse of how we can come to know what is emerging, Heaven on Earth.

Enveloped in a Love so profound it defies description, I saw images from Biblical Revelations, Shiva/Shakti in Divine Union. I saw multitudes of Muslims praying, calling in the descent of the Divine. I saw millions yearning for respite, calling for the beauty they sense but cannot yet see. Jewish prophecies fulfilled, star beings and Angels descending. The yearnings met, but simply, ordinary and already present, beginning to unfold like the petals of a flower.

Consciousness blooming, Love manifesting through us, as us. Here now, hidden in front of us, inside us, all around us. Every one of us part Angel, part Human, poised to emerge as Whole Humans.

The long, slow process seemed to be  weaving together every strand of human knowing I had ever heard of, a wild medley of patterns. I cannot rationally justify anything I am trying to describe here but I am seeing stronger and stronger evidence of something new every day in books, art, science, business and in new ways of reading history.  The vision I glimpsed is growing, slowly and in spite of the lack of a shared understanding of the radical potential. It will emerge anyway.  It will grow the way new leaves come out in the spring and spread like mycelium between us. This work does not attempt to change the status quo, it leaps beyond it through minds that are not limited by the past even when they build upon it.

We are poised to understand just how magnificent and potent the force pulling us together is. Truly unimaginable, yet imagined for thousands of years. The mystery peeks out from every book, song, dance and scientific theory wrestled from the Imaginal Realm into form, shaped by the structures offered by time but pulling from the timeless and manifesting into Time, the never ending flow of spirit.

It rests on the other side of the barrier in our brain that stops our mind at the limits of rational thought, at what we can know and learn within that paradigm. The call of the future beckons us to listen with more of our senses, more of our intuition and more of our heart. Within the connections between us the future manifests as form. If we surrender to the love of life, curiosity and connections, new vistas magically appear. We cannot use effort or anxiety to pass this gate, the keys are curiosity, love and the courage to meet the future with empty hands, open to the insight and wisdom pouring through each of us as we meet each question together with shared mind, open to the new, building on the known with gifts from the, as yet, unknown.

I didn't believe it either, I still don't. But I have been humbled enough to share the vision, crazy as it seems. Words were not adequate, they still are not, but perhaps they speak in ways I cannot understand.

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