Sunday, December 3, 2017



Mobius Strip (NOT Linear)


We experience the present moment as the point in time between this moment and the last moment, or today and tomorrow, or the past and the future. But what does it FEEL like? Our minds have been structured to perceive time as linear. Time is not "real," it is a construction, just as our ability to perceive the physical world is a mental construct where our minds translate the vibrational experience of perceiving a pattern of atomic particles as a cat, or a black and white being eating dinner.

What if....

Time is not linear? Imagine that time is a Mobius Strip. One side of the strip is time going from this moment back and the other side is time going from this moment forward. The point in the middle is always the present, where the Mobius Strip twists into a figure 8, or an infinity sign.

At this moment, your only perception of the past is your memory, including your memory of everything you have been told by someone else. Your only perceptions of the future are in your imagination.

In navigating the current moment we effortlessly weave our current perception of past and future together, view the options before us through this ever shifting perceptual lens and act. As we move to take action, our options are shaped by everyone and everything also influencing the manifestation of this moment. Together, we manifest a world, which we then proceed to understand through our limited lens.  It feels a bit like driving blindfolded, a lot of uncomfortable crashing into all the things you didn't see.

But what if there is an easier way? We actually have innate capacities to navigate the present moment. Many of these gifts cannot be perceived through our overly narrow perceptions of what is possible. This is necessary and unavoidable. If we are confronted by circumstances or ways of seeing we cannot yet integrate, our first duty is to feel safe. We need to gradually build scaffolding that will support us as we climb to ever expanding vistas. Just as our understanding of how to build very tall buildings has grown to the point that most of us can't imagine how all those buildings stand up normally, much less how they can survive hurricanes, earthquakes and wear and tear over time, human beings have developed sophisticated, yet profoundly simple ways to live in the wholeness without drowning.

It is a bit like have to surrender and trust that you are held....

The essence of each of us is Divine. That means we are inextricably one with everything that is. The experience of this Oneness is Silence, Stillness, no thoughts, just Presence. Moving from here is effortless, a sense of being moved or carried.  But, like swimming, it takes practice to achieve mastery, the point where you can be "swum," where your body and mind know what balance feels like and everything in you aligns automatically with what feels right. After mastering the music, the Music masters you.

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